WattsUP Energy Meter

B.One WattsUP- A Smart Meter to help you know how much electricity your Office / Home is using in real-time with 99% accuracy.

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  • 1Budgeting and monitoring of energy loads.
  • 2Real-time data on Running, Off and Stand By loads of all appliances.
  • 3AI enabled NILM for load detection, optimisation and preventive maintenance of appliances.
  • 4Data on consumption and generation of alternate power such as solar, battery back up and diesel generators.
  • 5Monitoring of the elderly by tracking usage patterns of lights and appliances.


  • Operating Voltage & Frequency: 180~260V AC 50Hz

  • Load Current: 60A (Max)

  • Working & Storage temperature: Operating: 8°-50°C RH≤80% Storage: -20°-70°C RH≤80%

  • Radio Technology: IEEE 802.11b/g/n

  • Wireless Type: WiFi 2.4G 1T1R


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