Raycon Energy Meter

Raycon is a Smart Energy Meter that helps in energy visualization and optimization at the “grid edge”. Through the power of AI & ML,NILM (Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring) is achieved with the help of which the user can get insights into Device Level Energy usage, set budgets and optimize their energy usage. This product can be used in Homes and Businesses to achieve their energy optimization goals.


  • 1Budgeting of energy usage and monitoring of energy loads.
  • 2AI enabled Non Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM) for load detection, optimization, preventive and predictive maintenance of appliances.
  • 3Real-time energy measured every 60 seconds.
  • 4Monitoring and reporting of Voltage, Current, Power (Active, Reactive and Apparent) and Frequency. Report frequency is 10 seconds by default and also user configurable.
  • 5High Frequency Sampling of Voltage, Current, Power (Active, Reactive and Apparent), Frequency and Harmonics for AI & ML @ 3 Phases allocated for load side monitoring.
  • 6Auto detection of energy meter configuration (Single, Two or Three phase) based on voltage and CT/CS connections.
  • 7Detects the installation faults like wrong CT/CS direction or connections and voltage wire or CT/CS wire connection failures.
  • 8Supports 60/200/600 Amp CT/CS
  • 9Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware updates.


  • Operating Voltage & Frequency: 180~260V AC 50Hz

  • Load Current: 60A (Max)

  • Working & Storage temperature: Operating: 8°-50°C RH≤80% Storage: -20°-70°C RH≤80%

  • Radio Technology: IEEE 802.11b/g/n

  • Wireless Type: WiFi 2.4G 1T1R

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