B.One 10 Amp Smart Socket

B.One Wi-Fi Smart Socket is used to control lights, devices and appliances and monitor their energy consumption from anywhere. Set schedules or ‘Actions’ with your smartphone using the B.One app.


  • 1CONTROL FROM ANYWHERE: Turn appliances on or off from anywhere with your smartphone using the B.One app (Compatible with Android & iOS)
  • 2VOICE CONTROL: Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and supported devices for a hands free experience.
  • 3SCHEDULES: Schedule the Smart Socket to automatically switch on and off appliances when away or set an action for controlling many devices with a single button.
  • 4SAVE ENERGY: Prevent power-hungry devices from being left on longer than needed and based on your geo-location.
  • 5AUTO-SHUTOFF: Protects your appliance by turning it off when high & low voltages are detected.
  • 6ENERGY MONITORING: Know the actual and energy costs incurred in real time. Monitor current and historical power consumption of your appliance.


  • Operating Voltage & Frequency: 180~260V AC 50Hz

  • Load Current: 10A (Max)

  • Working & Storage temperature: Operating: 8°-50°C RH≤80% Storage: -20°-70°C RH≤80%

  • Radio Technology: IEEE 802.11b/g/n

  • Size: 67 mm x 43 mm x 32 mm

  • For indoor use only

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