Below are some of our platforms that are built on top of B.One OS. These platforms are a combination of carefully aggregated and use case specific hardware and software components. These have been developed extensively and also retain the ability to be customized as per your needs.

Energy Management Platform

Blaze’s Energy Management Platform allows the user to track energy consumption of devices across various locations. It enables the user to set budgets and compare the actual consumption vs the budgeted. This platform with the help of our proprietary Raycon Energy Meter, Smart Plugs and In-Wall Relays allows the user to detect the power hungry devices, get rid of the unnecessary standby loads, avoid device failures through Preventive Maintenance, and so on by giving real-time alerts to users to take the necessary actions. This ultimately leads to higher sustainability and reduced carbon footprint.


Smart Home Energy Management System is a technology platform consisting of Hardware and Software Components which allow the end user to monitor energy consumption/production and adapt the usage behavior based on the feedback received from the system to improve the overall energy efficiency.

Occupancy Management

Blaze has developed an end-to-end solution for Desk Occupancy Management which effortlessly allows its users to detect occupancy and monitor utilization, allowing them to manage space more efficiently, see issues instantly and improve end-users’ experience.