IoTize your Office with

Guaranteed ROI in 6 months


Employee Comfort

Employees’ productivity can get affected if the temperature in the office is too hot or too cold. Ensure employee comfort by using our solutions to control the temperature.

Adaptive Intelligence monitors office occupancy as well as outside and inside temperature in order to determine optimum temperature ensuring employee comfort.

Conference Room Automation

Conference rooms play an important role in any office be it for internal meetings with team members or external meetings with stakeholders, customers, etc. Automating your conference room gives you one touch control over lighting, air conditioning, projectors and much more, increasing efficiency while reducing energy costs.

Safety and Security

Using our sensors, building security can be monitored from anywhere in the world. Be notified anytime there is any kind of security breach or concern even in the event of a power outage using 4G SIM and 4 hour built-in battery.

Energy Savings

Automate your rooms, cafeterias and much more. Our cloud connected energy meter helps control and optimize energy usage, cutting energy costs by 20%.



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