Food and Beverages

The Be Smart solution delivers measurable business outcomes by enabling the monitoring and controlling of BOH and FOH operations. Being a flexible and highly scalable platform it supports chains in maintaining control and standards during rapid expansion across geographies. Improves productivity and efficiency while reducing risks and keeping patrons comfortable.

Features / Applications

Customizable CMS
Be Smart is delivered with a comprehensive and customizable Central Monitoring System to monitor and control multiple aspects of the business across locations.
Energy Management
Load detection and optimization through AI & ML. Optimized water usage.
Improved Customer experience
Maintain automated thermal comfort across locations irrespective of the season or time of the day ensuring your customers always walk into a comfortable environment.
Food Safety and Compliance
Our connected restaurant solution ensures maintenance effectiveness and equipment performance thereby reducing food waste.
Safety and Security
The Be Smart enterprise solution is capable of being deployed along with a complete security system that integrates into the CMS and provides real time alerts on any intrusions or incidents.
AI and Analytics
Access to a variety of insights and analytics in real-time.

Measurable Results

Energy efficiency and savings

Reduced operating costs

Improved food safety

Crew accountability

Improved guest comfort

Enhanced equipment life

Analytics based on Occupancy

Informed decisions on changes in Menu and Promotions

Improved task management based on alerts

Location based insights

Diesel generator optimization

Regulatory Compliance

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