Co-living Spaces

With an increasing number of urban working professionals, students and the elderly opting for accomodation in co-living spaces, it is set to be the next big trend in affordable housing. Our wireless automation and energy management solutions result in improved security, customer experience and sustainability.

Features / Applications

Customizable CMS
Be Smart is delivered with a comprehensive and customizable Central Monitoring System to monitor and control multiple aspects of the business across locations.
Energy and Water Management
Load detection and optimization through AI & ML. Optimized water usage.
Improved Occupant experience
Maintain automated thermal comfort across locations irrespective of the season or time of the day ensuring your occupants always walk into a comfortable environment.
Safety and Security
The Be Smart enterprise solution is capable of being deployed along with a complete security system that integrates into the CMS and provides real time alerts on any intrusions or incidents.
AI and Analytics
Access to a variety of insights and analytics in real-time.
Common Area Automation
Schedule and automate common area access, lighting and air conditioning.

Measurable Results

Reduced operating costs

Safety & Security of occupants

Energy efficiency and savings


Elderly care

Common Area energy Management

Diesel Generator Management

Occupancy based analytics

Transparency in billing for energy services

AI and Analytics

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