The banking sector typically has a large real estate footprint comprising Bank branches, offices and ATM centres. Be Smart solutions deliver optimization of Infrastructure and facility operations across the network. Increased energy efficiencies result in reduction in utility spends thereby increasing operating margins.

Features / Applications

Customizable CMS
Be Smart is delivered with a comprehensive and customizable Central Monitoring System to monitor and control multiple aspects of the business across locations.
Energy and Water Management
Load detection and optimization through AI & ML.
Preventive Maintenance
Accurate predictions in anomalies and failures of equipment through AI & ML by Energy Meters. This results in improved asset life and efficiency and savings through reduced downtime.
Improved Occupant Comfort
Maintain automated thermal comfort across locations irrespective of the season or time of the day ensuring occupants are always in a comfortable environment.
Safety and Security
The Be Smart enterprise solution is capable of being deployed along with a complete security system that integrates into the CMS and provides real time alerts on any intrusions or incidents.
AI and Analytics
Access to a variety of insights and analytics in real-time.

Measurable Results

Reduced operating costs

Safety & Security of occupants

Energy efficiency and savings


Common Area optimization

Diesel Generator optimization

Occupancy based analytics

Optimized manpower utilization

Power Utilization Efficiency

Reduced Downtime

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